Welcome to Rob Hall USA, your ultimate destination for premium quality bags, clothing, and accessories. Our Lead Designer's story is a model of resilience. Rob Hall discovered the art of leatherworking in a recreational class that was offered in US Federal Prison. As a natural creative, he was instantly fascinated with the craft and endeavored to create special pieces.

But there are very limited tools in a prison hobby shop, and no sewing machines at all. Every piece had to be hand cut, every hole hand punched, every finding hand set, every thread hand stitched. He made his own patterns, free hand tooled his own logos, learned to do everything the very hard way, and set himself to the task of painstakingly crafting masterpieces from scraps.

Rob is pictured above in 2012 at his work station at F.C.I. Morgantown, seated in front of an $18 bag of lizard scraps he'd purchased from The Springfield Leather Company. It took over 60 hours to create the bag and belt combination he calls "Reptiles and Chains." The work stunned both inmates and prison staff alike, clearly demonstrating what a little human creativity and ingenuity can do.

Rob regained his freedom in 2014 and, in the years since, his leatherworking talents have been courted by celebrities from A-List NBA Basketball Wives to Grammy Award winning artists. But as the son of a single mother on welfare who started out in the housing projects of Utica, NY, he never forgot the streets and struggle that he came from.

At the age of 50, he realized his dream of launching a lifestyle brand, Rob Hall USA. It is a brand that bridges the gap between the aspirations of those who are striving to make it, and those who have ultimately realized their dreams. Rob Hall is an African-American designer who has managed to launch a quintessentially American brand. It is about the indomitable human spirit. It is about getting it out of the mud. It is about giving your best in all that you do - and never giving up.

We invite you to join us in sharing the powerful story of our dynamic Lead Designer. No matter where you're from, or what your circumstances, with ingenuity, humility and determination, if you believe, and apply yourself with passion - you can win. You can triumph over adversity, impact the world in a positive way, make amends for past mistakes and move forward to future greatness. You can find a brighter day. That's the core message of Rob Hall USA.